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Many adults have come to believe that they are not creative or ‘cannot draw' and exclude themselves from art activities as a result. Yet as children, these thoughts were not relevant – children record, imagine and create as an inherent part of understanding and expressing their world.

I believe that the challenge and enjoyment of creating a new and unique piece of work is important to us as humans. Creativity can dig deep into memory - of unused skills or associations with colour and form. Making work can be intensely meditative… or sociable and supportive, depending on the needs and the setting.

‘Wellbeing' may describe growth in personal development, or a dedicated time spent working as a family or community group. Wellbeing through creativity is an immensely powerful tool in combating stress and distress at times of physical or mental health difficulties.

2017 sees me beginning a regular voluntary role at the Fountain Centre at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, supporting people affected by cancer through Creative Space.


Disguised and Disrupted Words, Creative Space, Fountain Centre: 2017


Exploring self image: 2016
Community Craft Mosaic, adult workshop: 2016
Imaginings in outdoor spaces: 2016
Imaginings in outdoor spaces: 2016