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The desire to create is a unique aspect of being human. My work records ideas generated by place and time, frequently referencing the fluidity of change.  Inspired by the historical and cultural resonance of landscape in its broadest sense,  I seek to explore, record and interpret these terrains through my work.

The uncertainties of change provoked by nature or human activity may be subtle or cataclysmic, cyclical or profound. As such, the making of the work can only relate to a specific moment experienced that has already passed into history.

I frequently work with line in two and three dimensions using traditional, organic or non-organic materials in response to my exploration of a subject. I use materials to divide and define spaces, connecting and at once dividing.

I am fascinated by the properties of translucency and reflection and the role of light in affecting fleeting transformations on these structures. In this microcosm of shifting visions I regard myself not just as a maker, but an observer.