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Site Specific


"Diana was the very first artist to participate in FRESH AiR, our micro-residency programme, and spent her week making new art that explored the use of line and texture to describe and divide the gallery space, and her weekend engaging with visitors who were keen to understand her work and try out some of her techniques. Her show is still being talked about by gallery regulars, and thanks to its quality we were able to use it as an exemplar to secure sponsorship funding for the next iteration of the programme".

A. Grey Curator, Hop Gallery, East Sussex.


Residencies are a unique opportunity for me to develop new work, testing ideas directly in a specific environment. 

The  space to work, both physically and mentally, allows me to consider new ideas,  processes and contexts in an intense, immersive experience.

Emergence: Heat treated plastic 2016
Emergence (Detail): 2016
Works on and off Paper: Acrylic, Graphite, Paper and Plastics 2016
Waste Matter: Aluminium foil, 2016
Fledgling: (Collaboration with E. Burch) Textiles, Steel, 2016
Witness: Ink wall drawing, 2016
Witness (Detail): 2016
Revelation: 2016