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Site Specific

The A3 connects London (where I grew up) to the Surrey town I have lived in for over thirty years. 
Until 2011, it became a bottleneck for traffic, noise and subsequent pollution. 

Since the Hindhead Tunnel opened, the National Trust have returned the road to nature, uniting the Devil's Punchbowl and the Hindhead Commons once again. 

This is one of the few examples of roadbuilding for the 21st century restoring ancient landscapes. As a result, visitors can begin to imagine residents and travellers of times long past.

Interactions of humans with the earth often mirrors nature itself. As water finds its way down hills and navigates obstacles, so people are redescribing the space with new, informal footpaths and shortcuts. In architectural language, these interlinking informal pathways are known as Desire Lines. These interconnected networks feature strongly throughout my practice.

On regular walks I am following Desire Lines, recording natural phenomena and human interactions with sketches and photographs in this place of renewal. Larger pieces are developed in the studio, constantly referencing ideas about place and time, generations and the fluidity of change. The materials and processes I use work together to connect and to fragment.

I meet many fascinating people on my walks. Some have known the land from before the Second World War. Others, through military careers, have added their knowledge of its significance in defence and navigation right back to the Napoleonic wars. 

Further research has given me an in-depth knowledge of the ecology of Hindhead and the Punchbowl. Significant input from local historians and wildlife specialists has helped me to understand the delicate balance between restoration of landscape and protection of species. 

The Punchbowl Project: 24 Views January to April 2015
Desire Lines II (work in progress): Mixed media 2015
Desire Lines II (Installation): Mixed media 2015
Souvenirs I : Soil, glass 2015
Souvenirs II : Wood & wire 2015
Souvenirs III : Leaves, pva, wire 2015
Souvenirs IV : Found geologies 2015
Souvenirs V : Found artefacts 2015
36 Views/Souvenir Installation: 2016
Double Charcoal: 2015 Found charcoal on paper
Birch Weave: 2015
Birch Weave: 2015 Charcoal on paper